Optimizely App for Slack

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The Optimizely Integration for Slack that notifies your experimentation teams in Slack as their experiments achieve critical milestones for statistical significance, visitor reach and more.

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Optimizely Certified & Slack Approved

Receive notifications for critical milestones across your entire project

Simply configure your notification settings once and Optimizely++ will notify your desired Slack channel(s) when experiments reach various Total Visitor thresholds and Statistic-Significance thresholds. Include your own custom messaging to align your testing teams on next steps.


Impression consumption notifications

Get notified as you consume Optimizely impressions to ensure you can remain within your allowance. Easily configure consumption percentage thresholds at which to receive Slack notifications.


Receive start/stop notifications

Simply create a one-time project-wide setting that will automatically notify your desired Slack channels any time an experiment in the project is started or stopped. This feature is compatible with both Optimizely Fullstack & Optimizely Web.


Share experiment results directly in Slack

Easily browser through all of your experiments in any of your Optimizely projects to view the live results and share them directly in your team's Slack channel. This will dramatically reduce the need to context switch between Optimizely and to provision and govern additional user accounts. Democratize experimentation!


Pricing based on volume


Experimentation is critical to your business and you have multiple Optimizely projects & run several experiments per month.

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Your experimentation program is highly scaled and you have more than 3 active Optimizely projects & run several tests per week.

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